Uncut and in conversation with – Carrie Wicks, Founder, CAW Ventures

Carrie has been a leading figure in the London Hotel market over the last twenty years, from her time with Firmdale Hotels, opening hotels in both London and in New York to her opening of CAW Ventures.

Prior to Firmdale, she owned and operated a number of restaurants, hotels and conference centres in Johannesburg and the Western Cape’s wine lands. Carrie has been voted one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Hospitality as well as the CATEY Manager of the Year 2009 and Inspirational Mentor of 2015.

Carrie is very much her own person, with her own individualistic voice. The strap line for CAW Ventures is “Together, we create unexpected luxury”: so how does Carrie view the hotel sector as it recovers from Covid-19? How will services change and adapt? What does the future hold for CAW Ventures?