Uncut and in Conversation with – Bob Cotton OBE

Business models are being forced to radically change with a greater focus localism at the centre.

Over the last year, we have run a series of discussions with Bob Cotton OBE on the key trends and the market. Many have commented on how they enjoy Bob’s insights and the following recording carries more thought provoking insight into how business models are being forced to change and the growing realisation that life will not simply return to any normality in the near future.

Discussed in the interview were such points as:
• Regional hotels may well see greater levels of investment
• Accepted models will not simply recover and operators will need to operate off far lower levels of business and rebuild.
• There will be closer links between hospitality operations and local communities & suppliers
• The Food Service model will need to change and adapt
• Consumer behaviours will naturally change
• Hospitality does have a major role to play.

Bob Cotton is the former CEO of the BHA and a former government advisor as well as a former Director with Sodexo/Garner Merchant. He has been a central senior player and influencer in the industry for over forty years.