Uncut and in Conversation with – Bob Cotton OBE. Would a licence to operate build greater trust?

Bob Cotton has enjoyed a long and distinguished career as a leading voice in the industry and of course, in his time as CEO of the BHA. Today, he asks the question as to whether hospitality operators should have a licence to operate as many places in the US do need to have?

Would it help professionalise the sector? Would it improve the service ethos which is so often not measured?

The Industry has long prided itself as having few barriers to entry but running a business is becoming increasingly complex, with far more to consider – would a licence to operate be a good development for the sector?

Bob also does ask whether this period offers the IOH an ideal opportunity to once again come to the fore as a major professional body? He stresses the importance of the IOH and it is important for the sector that the IOH is strong.

As always, important topics for discussion and maybe now is the time to create the change being advocated?