Uncut and in Conversation with – Bob Cotton OBE – There is light at the end of tunnel for recovery

We were delighted to interview Bob Cotton once again this morning on the positive lessons and actions which can be taken from the tough challenges of this period of time.

As hard as it has been, the industry has come together and has a higher profile in the minds of Government and society than it ever has. If this can be built upon, then this can be a good platform.

The industry has also become an employer of local people once again. For so long, it has relied on talent from abroad but suddenly local people are back working in local hospitality and this will build stronger relationships in communities.

Furthermore, real advancement has been made by the industry in technology, in how it does market itself, how it communicates plus we will see more entrepreneurs in the sector launch.

2020 has been beyond challenging but 2021 could see the industry rebound and be stronger for the experience.