Uncut and in Conversation with Bob Cotton OBE

Can we do more to support schools and in local communities?

As the country prepares for children to return to schools on March 8th, Bob Cotton asks the question on whether there is more we can do to be of support to schools, work better with them as there will be a growing need to ensure that we nurture the young ever better plus work closer with communities and build trust.

There has long been a tense relationship between food service and hospitality companies with their local communities. The challenge now, with Brexit, is to build greater trust with both local talent pools and with local producers. Localism has become a greater force but how will this impact on the industry and are we ready for it? Do we have a strong enough relationship as an industry with the young?

Bob Cotton OBE is the former CEO of the BHA, a former advisor at the DCMS and a more Director with Sodexo. He has long been one of the industry’s most central and influential advocates for over the last three decades.