Uncut and in Conversation with – Alice Woodwark, MD, Restaurant Associates

It is becoming increasingly apparent that it is going to be a slow process to get offices back up to speed. Feedback from all across Europe is suggesting that rural economies will recover faster than city centres and that many are reluctant to face the daily travel back into London. What does this mean for many of the major office in London? Also for restaurants and for museums?

We were therefore delighted to talk to Alice Woodwark, Managing Director of Restaurant Associates and one of the genuine new leaders in the food service sector who was very perceptive and thought provoking in how she answered a range of questions which sit with all of us at this time.

How long will it take to see London return back to a sense of normality?

How will lockdown have changed the food habits of many?

What are the major challenges of re-opening?

A very interesting conversation and insight.