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If you’re in hospitality you have to be thinking about food. >From pop-ups, residencies and takeovers, to kombu, ponzu, Underberg , baobab and Brazilian wine, there is always something new on the scene, or a different way of looking at existing concepts.

EP Taste is a members’ network of food enthusiasts from within the hospitality industry. Founded by hospitality professionals, EP Taste gives members the chance to interact and experience new trends and innovations, helping those in the industry develop greater knowledge and first-hand experiences in the ever-changing world of food and restaurants.

As a member, you will have access to events such as:

  • Food tours in London and international cities
  • Supper clubs
  • Chef’s table dinners and talks from leaders in the field
  • Wine tastings
  • Trips to farms and suppliers
  • Food festivals
  • Drinks events

Led by the experts at EP Business in Hospitality, EP Taste also offers a range of other services including food strategy and design, marketing and PR support.

Membership is £85 per year (inc VAT) and provides:

  • Discounted access to exclusive events
  • Our weekly newsletters sharing new trends, interviews, news and chefs’ recipes
  • Promotion and sponsorship opportunities
  • Options for marketing support and food strategy consultancy

EP Taste is dedicated to seeking out food and drink innovation and showcasing it to the industry. For more information please contact Amy Lainchbury

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