Together we are stronger and have more fun

Together we are stronger and have more fun

Interactive events aimed to open, to inspire, to build friendships and to make sure we no longer work in isolation.

This year, EP will have been delighted to run over 75 events that have included conferences, black tie dinners, campaign dinners, forums and special adventure activities. Our events are targeted at bringing the community together to talk, network, build friendships and exchange ideas/thoughts.

Our approach and philosophy has always been to be open and accessible to all and that together we can create alliances in thinking that allow us all to grow and improve.

It is our belief that the days of working in isolation are long over. The world is too complex and changing at speed. We need to talk, debate and exchange ideas.

In 2018, we are delighted to be already planning another full programme of events that seek to challenge you in your perceptions and thinking and to give you the opportunity to build new friendships and contacts.

We are also delighted to have a designated events team that will also manage events on behalf of clients too. After running an average of 60 events per year for the last seven years, there is a lot of knowledge and experience that can help others.

So come and be part of the conversation. 
We look forward to welcoming you.


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