Time for The New, The Innovative, The Entrepreneurs

Time for The New, The Innovative, The Entrepreneurs

As the world recovers from the downtime, we have seen a range of great new ideas, concepts and talent step forward with their own dream and ambitions. They are seeking to find business partners, mentors and investors. EP is delighted to be working with many of these great new entrepreneurs, helping them to find investors, and business partners. It is really quite an inspiring dynamic as they are full of energy, zest and have a willingness to learn.

As idealistic as it may sound, one of our aims is to see established and large companies invest in the new ideas and innovation. Many companies welcome the new ideas, enjoy listening to them and potentially invest. It would be a great development if we can help the industry invest back into the industry’s entrepreneurs.

Many of those that we work with are young and new but they have proven concepts and are seeking to develop. This includes one of the world’s best chocolates and two developing restaurant concepts plus a new great Italian Pizza concept. We are also in discussion with a number of Central European wine growers about raising the awareness of the emerging wines from that region. As well as hosting an event at the Czech Embassy in late May and we are in discussions about trips to the wine regions of Slovenia.

The EP team is also working with a range of investor opportunities which include companies open to investing back into great ideas as well as family offices and high net worth’s. We have been doing a lot of work in extending our range of options to find potential routes to investors. It would be exciting to see many of those below come to life and be competitive.

This week we are hosting the first of a number of informal receptions for entrepreneurs to mix and mingle with each other.

Meet some of the new entrepreneurs:

  • A budget hotel brand with sustainable credentials based in India
  • Named after their Dutch heritage, premium mixers and the perfect balance between soda and spirit
  • Fruit jerky made with 100% real fruit for a fairer, greener and better food system
  • 100% natural, no added sugar, wheat and dairy free snack bars of pure, delicious goodness
  • A new app for finding friends to hang out with locally, visit iconic landmarks and explore hidden treasures
  • Unique range of cayenne tonicswith nothing artificial added and a pick up for any time of the day
  • Evidence-based swimming pool hydrotherapy programmewhich provides high quality and individual aquatic rehabilitation

If you are interested to learn more about how you can get involved, invest, support, mentor then please contact Ben V Butler.

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