Three inspiring characters with extraordinary stories


 The Leadership Lecture – 20th September

The Lecture is sponsored by GIG – the mobile app that matches businesses in the hospitality and retail sectors with an on-demand workforce.

The hospitality industry has many success stories that are honesty exhilarating. They make one believe anything is possible. From those who worked their way up from nothing to other’s who actually changed the game. Despite the ability these stories have to inspire they are not always in the narrative – within or outside the industry.

This needs to change. We must celebrate those that have shaped the industry we know today. We must learn from their stories, we must listen to the leaders of now. It is also essential for emerging talent across the whole sector.

EP is holding a lecture in just under a month’s time and three proven leaders will share their thoughts, lessons and experiences on leadership. Here’s just an insight into their stories…


Bob Cotton, Former CEO, of the British Hospitality Association on leaders today.

“Where are the leaders who knew the industry backwards because they had been apprenticed in it and who led it during its period of huge growth? Sure, we have celebrated chefs, some of them leading large-ish companies, but where are the likes of latter day giants like Charles Forte or Max Joseph or Hugh Wontner who led (not always successfully, admittedly) major hospitality enterprises and were household names in and out of the industry?”




David Morgan-Hewitt, Managing Director of The Goring on people’s success.

“Success is understanding who you are, whether we say that in context to the hotel or to the individuals who we employ. It’s not about branding or cloning people. We’re an industry that it made up of so many wonderful characters. It’s sad because people can be afraid that by allowing personalities to shine, their standards may drop. What a waste of natural talent.”





Simon Halliday Chairman of European Professional Club Rugby on business and sport.

“They are the same because the power of sport fits with so many business parts – how to succeed – to fail first. Most sporting people will tell you their biggest moment of clarity was when they were injured or dropped or didn’t go to the Olympics. But they didn’t turn around and give up. There are values which all sports people identify with because this is the environment they operate in. The business world has similar values to this and so they do cross over each other. It’s about the story, it’s about the experience and it’s about the dynamics.”

All three will be speaking at The Leadership Lecture on 20th September. The evening includes wine and canapes at Park Plaza London Riverbank, situated on the Thames. It is a rare and fascinating insight for those intrigued by great leadership.


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