This week sees the launch of the “Consultants Corner”- EP in partnership with Maxcene Crowe

Over the past five months we have spoken to over 100 operators and consultants and overall, all seem to agree there is a consensus for better communication and practice. Following discussions and meetings and a whole range of questions; several solutions are starting to come to the fore.

June saw a face-to-face discussion with industry consultants with one outcome being a broad support and agreement for the “Consultants Corner” concept which is launching this Thursday 13th of July, with Charles Manners in discussion with Maxcene Crowe. The aim is to bring a ‘fresh voice’ interviewing once each fortnight to really understand differing perspectives and outlooks. There are new fascinating insights and stories to be told which can be of value to all and we want you to share with us in Consultants Corner. The industry possesses exceptional operators, consultants and contractors and our aim is to bring greater insights into the thinking which can often lie hidden away.

Maxcene is formerly a Global Procurement Lead for JLL and will bring fresh insights. Maxcene will be doing a series of interviews, which will be live streamed on LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube and marketed across social media encouraging openness and transparency.

The schedule for the next 2 months includes:

  • Thursday 13th of July at 5pm – Charles Manners
  • Monday 17th of July at 5:30pm – Tracey Fairclough
  • Thursday 20th of July at 6pm – Julian Fris
  • Wednesday 26th of July at 6pm – James Greetham
  • Thursday 3rd of August at 5:30pm – Simon Esner
  • Wednesday 9th of August at 6pm – Chris Stern
  • Wednesday 16th of August at 6pm – Chris Sprague

The schedule will continue throughout September with interesting discussions with other consultants who have registered to be a part of this industry initiative to create better understanding and insight.

To watch: