There’s no room for silence

Breaking into networks without help is hard

Experts call it cognitive dissonance – the state of having inconsistent thoughts especially related to behavioural decisions and attitude change. Examples in our industry are:

“I want the very best employees but want to wait until they find our company.”

“We’ve spent this much money on the activity but now let’s look up other companies to see  what we could have paid – so we know it was a smart purchase.”

Cognitive dissonance drives this behaviour.The same can apply for those who want to create change in their career and life. These changes will not just happen, being silent on wanting to grow and improve does not lead anywhere. Seeing the gap between actions and beliefs is a sign of where we as individuals sit but choices can be made:

  • Change our beliefs
  • Change our actions
  • Change the way we perceive our actions

The beauty is that help is there for those who want to change but struggle to do so. EP has created a campaign called Reinvention which is there for support.

This bespoke campaign with a coach can support in many ways:

  • Creating a bespoke plan that explores new options
  • Creating a marketing and social plan
  • Skill analysis and evaluation
  • Support new learning
  • Be social. Fun and engaging networking.
  • Create change at an organised pace

Support the process Those with a clear mandate and are confident in their desires and beliefs can achieve all of their goals. Reinvention is a positive outside influence for individuals and for companies who want to support their teams.

In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, we argue that people are as important as ever and need to work together to really find and support talent and new leaders. We do have work to do. The talent is there but new ideas and new engagement is needed. There is work to do. 

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