There is good reason why many returning to workplaces feel disengaged. There lies an opportunity for real change.

Are you prepared to grasp it?

It is becoming a consistent topic of discussion; just how many expect things to almost revert back to how they were pre-covid. It is estimated that:

60% of those returning to work are surprised that not more has changed
Over 50% are surprised by the lack of plans for what the future may hold
Over 40% will be looking for new roles in the final months of the year

Of course, it is easy to criticise but the one truth most accept is that things will not go back to how they once were. People understandably want to see not just leadership, but new structures and framework emerge which can be robust for the future.

Rather than being threatening, this can offer genuine opportunity for those who can grasp it.

It has been much written and heralded that sustainability is a primary agenda point for every company. However, it is not just about environmental change but also social & cultural and economic – the building of sustainable models and stronger sense of community. This marks such an opportunity and, for Hospitality, a major chance to change how it operates, communicates and engages. This is a chance in a generation. In private discussions, few believe that the industry will grasp the opportunity but this is what needs to happen.

Equally everyone is talking about the challenges being faced on recruiting and retaining talent. Most accept the problem has been twenty years in the making through underinvestment. The debate always centres on investment and budgets but the answer lies in creating new frameworks, new structures, and new ways of communicating not greater investment in what may or may not have worked in the past.

There is a need for a new narrative, not more of the same. It is for this reason that EP has been so supportive of both the new Ritrovo model and the Food & Culture shows being planned for 2022.
Of course the challenge is daunting but it is also one which lies in the Industry’s hands if it wishes to grasp it. Hospitality today sits right at the heart of modern UK culture. It is strange to hear so many of the past discussions and arguments being recycled. It is not really a surprise that so many have become cynical about listening to words. The opening stats explain why words will not cut it.

The question is whether we can all cut it and adapt to build better structures?