There is a quiet evolution of change taking place – in business models, in leadership, in people & culture, service and in sustainability

Two new books discuss these changes, based off over 100 interviews with senior industry players from across the world.

“A time for new leadership in Hospitality” published in early December 2020 and “A new dawn in service and sustainability” is due for release at the end of the month. Both books are being published in the US but for hotel schools and emerging leaders in the US and UK. Both books seek to challenge traditional thinking and to explore the developments taking place during the Covid Pandemic and what will follow.

There is a quiet evolution of change taking place across many areas from how many are viewing business models, to how leadership is perceived, in expectations, in service, in sustainability, in technology and far more.
This is arguably one of the most challenging and exciting periods of real change to have taken place in the last sixty years. A very safe world had been created which has been thrown upside down in the last year and out of this has come evolution and change.
The aim of the books is to challenge, be original and explain many of the leading trends that have influenced the last sixty years and the next decade to come.

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