There are times in life, when people want to belong to something more. The Emerging Leaders Club… aimed to enable talent and share knowledge

It is said that leadership today is all about living and leading with an ever uncertain background. This is certainly true in describing today.

However, it is becoming clear that those in middle and junior roles face the greatest vulnerability but also that it can be the young who do lead the road back into London normality and can take on new leadership roles. As the economy rebuilds, it will need the energy, fortitude and enthusiasm of the young at the fore.

It is in such times, that many like to belong to something which can enable them and stand for something more than just day to day professional learning.

The Emerging Leaders Network was founded to bring emerging talent together to build new friendships, to share knowledge and learnings and to meet leaders who may well open new horizons. If ever there was a time for this to be important; it is now.

As we re-emerge, we are already in plans to host a number of virtual events with leaders sharing their knowledge and wisdom but also to planning to host events – yes, events – in Q4 that start to bring groups together to help each other, work together and share ideas.

We can find a road forward together. We can help one another. Our role is to create a framework that does enable emerging leaders to prosper. This is the essence of the club – to find growth together.