The young face ever greater pressures and fear failure to a high degree. Can we change this for the better?

On Saturday, all across the country, there are industry professionals walking 30km in support of the launch of Ritrovo.

Firstly, our thanks to all who will be placing on their walking shoes to raise funds for the launch of Ritrovo. The aim is simple – to take the new app into schools so that we can engage and inspire young talents with the great thoughts and stories of leaders.

We can not sit around and just talk good words anymore; it is time that we really do bring leaders together with young talent, to engage them, pass on knowledge and understanding.

Young people face so much pressure today with the level of debt and expectation. We talk about an increased fear of failure that so many feel; we need to release this and enable the young, not load them down with pressure. Failure visits us all; it is inevitable in one form or another. It is how we face failure, learn from it and respond. This has always been the test for characters and leaders.

Failure is something to be embraced as it is when we learn the most. It is through failure and defeat that we learn how to be successful and learn about ourselves. For too many years, so many have been judgemental over those who fall over. It is time to now celebrate those who have the courage to fail and pick themselves up.

It is no coincidence that so many leaders understand failure as well as they understand success. They live with its presence everyday. It is just part of the role. In the last decade, leadership has changed. It has been questioned and doubted but it is evolving and as important as ever. Our aim is to help inspire the next generations to want to become leaders just as so many have before.

So we ask for your support as we embark on the walks.

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