The World Food and Culture Show

Connecting people towards a better & more sustainable future

Many have discovered, during the pandemic, that little bring people together as well as food and culture. It is central to our well-bring, to our communities and society. We have an opportunity now to truly collaborate and celebrate the real impetus for building a stronger and more sustainable future.

Plans and discussions are taking place to create a festival in 2022 that is educational, informative and celebrates what connects people in heart, soul and body. People want to see a new narrative emerge and here lies the opportunity through creating engaging frameworks that are inclusive, open and inspiring. The consumer can learn so much from businesses and innovation and vice versa, business can learn much from the consumer.

For many, this is a moment in time, a once in a generation opportunity to build back better.

Purpose: food and culture connect people and the power of people working together to build a sustainable future.

International: to bring the widest set of perspectives from all across the world with lectures on global issues as well as international food experts illustrating their skills and thoughts.

Social: all about bringing people together, in heart, soul and mind

Community driven: celebrating community, tradition, and culture. Build a community of people excited by the future of food and what it does to connect people.

Authentic: sustainable development is the goal.

Inclusive: for all food citizens, from farm to plate. Farmers to “Joe Public” to general managers to CEOs – everyone from the supply chain could be invited and would learn something about the supply chain and future of food.

Sensory: big emphasis on tasting, cooking, experiencing – food, drink, art, music and dance. How does all this impact on physical and mental well-being?

Educational: leave the audience with a greater understanding about sustainable change

If you would like to learn more or to get involved, please contact