The UKCC have a culinary team that wants to compete against the best in the World.

The UKCC have a culinary team that wants to compete against the best in the World.

Many readers will know that we have been supporting the cause of the UKCC team which wants to compete at the 2020 Culinary Olympics in late February – but it does need financial support from Industry. They ask – can we help?

The UKCC team competed at the 2018 World Cup and came away with 7 medals including one Gold Medal. They also won many friends and admirers from across the globe. The team was made up of talent from industry, from colleges (young raw talent wanting to learn), even from the army – talent from Asia, the UK and Africa.

The UKCC team are not a mainstream industry group – they are though genuinely passionate about the industry, about food, young talent and diversity. They do many countless hours in supporting important initiatives from the removal of plastics to helping the homeless to wanting to support young talent enter the industry and build a career.

It is often joked that the UKCC team is Hospitality’s version of “Cool Running” and it is not far away from the truth. Just as the Cool Running team – from the film – possessed, this team has talent, pedigree and enthusiasm to take on any risk in order to compete against the World’s best and just show how good the talent that exists within the UK is.

This team does stand for something very important. Yes it stands for diversity and for young talent – but it also stands for all the great Asian talent that exists in the UK. Their food is exceptional and yet they are mostly unknown.

The industry can be hard sometimes to break into but this team does deserve recognition and support, so they ask – please support them and they will support you in return as best they can and they will fight for all young talent that is seeking to develop a career in Hospitality.

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