The Thomas Franks Malta Story

The Thomas Franks story and journey has spanned 14 years and yet it still feels as fresh today as it did when Frank and Emma Bothwell first launched their ideas into the world of contract catering.

They will claim that the long serving and loyal teams employed at every level of their business have been pivotal to their continued successes. Frank will tell you that, “they truly deliver a client -first approach to how we operate, which makes us so very unique”

As we head into another New Year, the Thomas Franks story has continued its journey of expansion and growth.

This newest chapter to their story, developed from a casual conversation with a likeminded client, Kindred. They suggested that Thomas Franks might like to consider helping run a business venture outside the UK, a little island in the Mediterranean, where they were operating. This little island was Malta. What followed from Frank, was the setting up of TFI (Thomas Franks International), as Frank will claim, “initially for fun, but with a serious eye on business outside the UK” – TFI opened its first location in late May 2018.

Kindred is a wonderful example of employee ‘wellbeing’ and asked Frank to deliver a catering operation different and ‘like no one else had ever crafted’ and that is what Thomas Franks set about doing, this first location is running well and delivering on its core values of a ‘client first approach’.

Thomas Franks International, has ambitions to open more locations in Malta in 2019, there is a strong pipeline and sales activity is positive too, which will deliver growth and expansion. The forward plans are ‘eyes set’ on other European markets, which will continue the growth of the business outside the UK, but always as an ethical exporter of UK business.

Frank will tell you that, “starting TFI in Malta was like going back 14 years. Frank Bothwell as OM/OD/MD and Founder buying potatoes in a foreign language! All the fun that bought the original and fabulous UK Thomas Franks to fruition.”

Plans are to have 50% of UK turnover, overseas in 5-10 years. Ambitious? Mad? Doable? As they say, ‘watch this space’ and let’s see.

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