The Tendering Debate: A Time For Evolution?

Last week, EP was delighted to host an interesting session with a mix of operators and consultants to discuss tendering, processes, and the relationships across the sector.

It was an open and very candid session. The key thoughts which had a consensus included:

  • The overall process in tendering and procurement needs evolving. Many processes are out of sync to what today is required.
  • There is an overall desire for stronger collaboration across the market and for a forum which can allow for issues to be informally debated and discussed.
  • The role of consultant is to be the expert guide, advisor, and objective voice to both client organization and to the operator. It was recognized that trust has often broken down and that, at times, the consultant has not been seen to play the objective role.
  • Given the above, many also agreed that often trust has broken down and there does need to be structures which do allow for better trust levels to be developed and for better communications across all sides & disciplines.
  • Most agreed with the core principles on which vested stands but that it is not applicable for many tenders, but how can the core principles be promoted?

There were many good and constructive thoughts and views shared and the actions drawn included:

  • The creation of a working party to create a white paper for industry discussion and debate on how tenders and processes could be evolved and developed?
  • The creation of a network which does bring together operators, consultants, and client orgs to allows for a more trusted narrative to develop across all sides.

Most accept that evolution takes time and the above will take time but at least the process can be started.

On this basis, EP will be working to move forward both above agendas in partnership with key voices across all areas.

If you would like to be involved, then please do not hesitate to contact

In 2017, EP hosted a conference for consultants and operators which did bring together 170 together. Should we aim to do the same again this year?