The Supper Club – Can there be a better way of learning than over a great dinner with good conversation?

To be a good leader, one needs to learn to form opinions, explore and understand what is going on in the world, develop your taste and judgements and learn to be courageous.

Alan Rickman’s advice to young actors is the same for many young leaders. The best road to growing as a leader is to explore different disciplines away from the day to day job. Forget about hospitality, work and management for one moment and instead learn about music, art, politics, global issues, foreign cultures and social issues. The more one listens, the more one learns and naturally improves.

In 2023, EP will be delighted to launch The Supper Club for those young leaders who do want to learn more. Each month, EP will host a dinner with a focus on different topics from across the world and with different speakers drawn from across all disciplines.

If you would like to get involved and be part of these dinners, then please contact Lauran at