The short-term may be tough but many are now planning for growth for the first time since early 2020. Has the tide begun to turn?

Often we are asked as to how our commercial model works as it is so naturally different to that of others. It is a fair question as much of the commercial work is left unseen.

It is visible that EP hosts on average around 70 events per year and publishes over 500 articles per year as the core business aim is always to bring industry together to share knowledge, explore new ideas and original thinking. As a result of this, we work closely with companies to look at business trends and strategies and run a range of industry collaborations and initiatives which bring companies together on key themes.

Furthermore, we also work with corporate companies on senior appointments and with growing concerns on their plans for their services, we work with companies for business development and growth through strategic alliances, and partnerships. People development is another area where we work with companies to help develop their teams, their future leaders and their people strategies to enable sustainable growth and culture.

For the first time since Q1 2020, there is a renewed sense of energy to this activity as companies recognise the challenges which lie ahead but also the opportunities.

As challenging as it may all seem, there are also grounds for optimism and for the recovery. 2021 has seen a rise in investment activity and there are many companies who are beginning to more aggressive in their acquisition strategies as they look forward to 2022.

It will still be three to four years before we return to 2019 levels and many are keen to assess alternative models and approaches. How can this create positive change across the industry?

  • What new services and improvement measures for profitability emerge?
  • Will labour models change?
  • How will the increased demand for greater sustainability impact on cost and investment?
  • How will digital improvements impact on service and engagement?

It may be challenging but the positive is that companies now see light at the end of the tunnel and we here to support all the way.