The Scottish Education Excellence Awards, in partnership with Swiss Education Group

Planned for November 2021

Celebrating Great Foodservice in Scottish Education

Claymore Events is delighted to announce the launch of The Scottish Education Excellence Awards, in partnership with the Swiss Education Group. Aiming to celebrate the innovation and hard work of foodservice operators, catering teams and suppliers in educational establishments throughout Scotland, the new awards will highlight the role that foodservice plays in supporting the health, well-being and development of young people.

With a strong and well-respected education system, many of Scotland’s schools, colleges and universities are now leading the way in supporting healthier lifestyles, combating obesity and facilitating greater care in mental health while prioritising sustainability.

Playing a crucial role in promoting nutrition and healthy eating habits, schools, colleges and unis have a responsibility to ensure they provide balanced, nutritious meals with the appropriate amount of energy and nutrients that pupils and students require. The Scottish Education Excellence Awards aim to recognise and reward the work of schools and caterers who have developed new programmes where food is central to success.

As the country emerges from the Coronavirus pandemic, the foodservice sector stands on the brink a golden new era and a greater understanding of the role it plays in the health and well-being of Scotland’s young people. After the last 12 months, this has never been more important.

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