The Scottish Education Awards

Food Service has raised the bar of excellence.
It is important to recognise and celebrate.

In recent years, the food service sector has made large strides forward in many areas in the way that it operates within schools – both private and public as well as in higher education. Schools too have played their part and really sought to raise the bar and be creative in their thinking. It is time to recognise and celebrate the good.

Schools can play an important role in both promoting healthy eating habits to children, and ensuring school food provides healthy balanced and nutritious meals with the appropriate amount of energy and nutrients pupils need.

So often it has been called into question and criticised and yet as a sector it is one of the strongest and one which has shown consistent development and innovation. The partnership between school and food service operators are proving to be very effective as all seek to face the challenges and improve overall health levels.

Food service operators are as keen as anyone to combat obesity, to see rising standards in health, to help educate on nutrition and to play an active role in supporting the development of the young.

At the same time, schools and operators are working more closely with their communities, with families, with local producers. Collaboration and partnerships are appearing in many new ways.

Everywhere one turns, there are positive stories to be found of those who play central roles within a school or within a community.

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