The Robin Hood Ideal Reworked – Bringing Industry and Entrepreneurs Together

This morning EP continued the Robin Hood Ideal Reworked campaign with breakfast in the impressive and modern Atrium and Auditorium at One Moorgate Place.

A varied group of businesses and entrepreneurs gathered in a relaxed environment for discussion and networking.

There is a real interest in original ideas and concepts that will bring a point of difference to operations and engage customers. During the morning event a number of entrepreneurs said a few words about their businesses and more details were announced on the Entrepreneurs Fund.

The campaign and club are really about promoting the innovation, ideas and talent. They are a credit to the industry and this is the platform for them to thrive. Do you want to get involved?

 The entrepreneurs are passionate, have real talent and a belief and courage in what they are doing. 



The Robin Hood Ideal Reworked 1

The Robin Hood Ideal Reworked 2











The second issue of Entrepreneurs and Innovation Magazine was also launched this week and is available to view here.

  The Entrepreneurs club now has over 95 involved and it is an exciting time for hospitality with innovators bringing exceptional new concepts to the table and investors opening the doors to change.

The Entrepreneurs’ Summer Ball takes place on

Friday 15th July

An opportunity which brings together senior leaders and innovators for an exciting 1920s themed party.

To book your ticket for the ball please click here and contact



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