The Robin Hood Ideal Re-Invented

Is there an opportunity to build something unique to support exceptional young talent and innovation?

Over the last few months, EP has developed a community to assist innovation and to create a framework for investment and growth.  Our aim is to push the boundaries by facilitating investments in innovation. For this reason, EP has worked to create a community of 85 entrepreneurs that brings large businesses together with the new and young to either invest or take on their products into their businesses. It has been exciting to see how the two have begun to work together.

With this objective in mind, EP has partnered with Red Ribbon Asset Management to create a new fund aiming to facilitate business investments into new hospitality ideas and talent. EP aims to support entrepreneurs through introducing two routes for investments: direct investments and investments via the hospitality fund, both of which will depend on the nature and performance of the business.

As an old African proverb says:

Red Ribbon Asset Management will be the Fund Manager for the Hospitality Fund that will be listed on the Gibraltar Stock Exchange with a view of further supporting hospitality businesses and entrepreneurs. EP has worked with Red Ribbon Asset Management over the last two years on projects in both India and the UK.

The fund will invest in all areas of hospitality with a significant proportion of the fund being invested in start-ups. A specialist Investment Committee that will be made of experts supported by a finance team, will review those ideas and work with the Entrepreneurs to prepare their business plans for consideration. It would be an exciting development if the fund could bring together Industry to invest into the Industry.


This project is well-placed in a moment where exciting new ideas and concepts are coming through. Together, we are building momentum between the large and established businesses to work with the new. There is a consistent flow of new entrepreneurs approaching us with the view of being part of the community and working with us.

Entrepreneurs are catalysts for the change that the industry needs. In food and hospitality, it is an inevitable process but the fund and EP’s work with Entrepreneurs creates a platform to drive wealth, success and positive change.

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