The real battle for staff may lie in food

As hospitality business announce their predictions once Britain leaves the EU, shouldn’t the industry take a more positive approach and look at new solutions that acquire and retain?

The pool of hospitality staff in Britain may indeed shrink so that should be the alarm bell and reengineering the old proverb, the ways to someone heart is through food – so make the staff dining exciting.

It’s an interesting time in the hospitality sector. Only last week Hollywood Bowl announced they predict they will have to start competing harder for staff dining against dining companies once Britain leaves the EU. With 2000 employees in the UK and 4% being EU nationals, they envisage fishing in the same pool for talent with many others. At the start of the month the government announced plans that restaurants will be legally banned from deducting money from staff tips and whilst details are yet to be confirmed, owners will have to ensure the entire service charge is passed onto the waiter and back of house staff. It follows growing public scrutiny over a perceived lack of transparency in restaurant’s tipping policies but some hospitality bodies and businesses believe it to be an unnecessary burden. There does seem to be confusion and worry spreading across the sector.

It seems to be a doom and gloom time so it’s therefore logically to focus on the good stuff and address what really makes someone want to work for a business, sometimes this is beyond the money. This is where culture, wellbeing and trust are of such importance and food plays a core role here.

It’s an area apetito recently showcased at a food demonstration in central London.

Given the uncertainty around its important to enhance what staff receive for doing a good job and keep them motivated and productive. It’s an area apetito recently showcased at a food demonstration in central London. The team used the Good Housekeeping Institute’s well-appointed kitchens to showcase to a room of chefs, consultants and food and beverage players. Guests were treated to a large sampling of the caterer’s dishes as they look to explore new markets. Their delivered in model for both staff and consumer dining is centred on proving a consistent and quality offer which lower skilled staff can provide. Nutritious and personalised food service can improve a staff dining experience and it can support those working in long-hours high-pressure environments.

There are many arguments for online platforms which can make a difference to someone’s work-life balance or indeed support their mental wellbeing. This may be true but is there greater impact than a good meal with company? If the industry is concerned over the future or worried over potential government legislation, then now is the time to explore new solutions and have an employee offer which attracts and retains.