The re-emergence of the Chef Patron?

Many Chefs across the country are reinventing themselves

One can debate when the greatest eras have been for Chef Patron operations. In France, it has always held a great legacy through the generations. In Britain, one can argue that the concept has been “glorified” with the concept of the Celebrity Chef – Marco Pierre White, Raymond Blanc, Gordon Ramsay, Heston Blumenthal and others. Is this about to change?

There does appear to a clarity emerging that suggests that normality will be rediscovered by 2022 but even so 14-18 months is still a long time for the many very good chefs who have been impacted during this period.

Chefs need to be active and busy; they want to hone their skills, test themselves and be involved. One of our thoughts is that there will be many who will want to find a new home, a new business and become their own chef patrons. Will we see the rise of a new era of Chef Patron? Less Celeb focused and committed to building good businesses that serve their clientele with great produce and food styles. Could this mark the start of a new era which sees great regional cuisines appear through Chef Patron operations such as exists in France? Could this period mark a new love for regional foods?

There is a new demand emerging from consumers for great regional pride, the use of fresh local produce and for cooking. Very quietly the British are falling in love with both cooking and produce – fresh food sales have been on the increase and over 60% say they are now cooking far more at home. Maybe all natural during this period but it may also be the start of a bigger change

Our argument is that this is a natural reaction to the challenges of this market. We will see many new food businesses start-up – gastro pubs, small restaurants, bakeries, bistros, takeaways, etc. There are mentors, coaches and support wanting to help many achieve this dream – so the search is now on for the new generation of Chef Patron to help develop a new age. Is this you?

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