The rapid rise of increased stress in the workplace

Has correctness created greater fear and stress?

Stress and mental welfare is becoming a genuine problem for all companies and industries to consider.

It is an interesting dilemma at time. ‘Suits’ is a hugely successful TV series and it asks its lawyers to consistently work through the night to solve problems for their clients. Often their Partners straight talking could be seen as examples of bullying and intimidation in the workplace and certainly expecting their team to work all hours is unacceptable.

Straight talking and action was the byword of management in past eras but today could be classified as bullying. However here lies the contradiction. One can also argue there was greater kindness and empathy for people in the so called bad old days than in today’s correct society.
Somewhere there is fast becoming a disconnect and imbalance that we need to solve.

  • Doctors believe that there has been a 30% in stress related complaints and sign-offs over the last ten years. 1:10 people today are believed to suffer from depression. How are stress levels increasing even though in theory it was the management of the old school that has been slowly outlawed?
  • Was anyone else quizzical over Wiltshire Police’s report on Ted Heath that found that he may have charges to answer if he was alive but there was not enough proof? This is of a man who is no longer able to defend himself.
  • There is an increased fear of failure today amongst emerging talent.

Research has always stated that overall job contentment amongst employees has fallen by 15% in the last decade.

So where lies the issue? Is it simply that political correctness today has created more problems and barriers than a more effective management?

Just a thought.