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The Emerging Leaders Executive is a members group that consists of some of Industry’s best future leaders. The focus of the membership is to create an informal, relaxed platform for learning from both senior Industry leaders and peers.

Our research has shown that with the speed and intensity of modern working life, that there is a move away from formal learning courses and towards informal learning and a desire to work with Industry peers and in informal networks.

Over the last year, EP has held a series of dinners with some of Industry’s finest Managing Directors and CEO’s. This will continue but will be supported by the creation of Think Tank sessions that meet on a monthly basis to debate key issues and problems of the day. One of the best methods for learning is problem solving in groups with peers groups. These Think Tanks will be aimed to create such forums for problem solving and learning.


We are delighted to announce that we will be publishing later this year a Management book entitled “The Power of Ideas” in partnership in Strathclyde Business School and HIT Scotland which will provide real examples of learning and thought provoking ideas that have come from the International Leadership School Programme between 2013-2016.

We are also in discussions with one of the World’s leading Hotel Schools as we seek to develop closer relationships between education and Industry.

As change in the world becomes both stranger and more unpredictable then it is more important to explore new ideas and work together on thought leadership. The ELE will explore and listen to ideas. This week EP hosts a school which is linked to the thoughts on the rise of entrepreneurship in the modern age.


The Emerging Leaders Executive is designed to create though provoking and social activities for those with a desire to learn. If you would be interested in becoming a member or in the book that’s published later this year, please contact us via the below.

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