The People

You hear it said often enough… ‘What our industry is really about, is its people!’

We are a service based industry and we know that we need to look after the people that make our businesses tick. They need support, development, new skills and sometimes – you need new people.

  • How do you develop your team?
  • What do they need from you?
  • Who are you looking for?
  • Where do you find the right people to add to the mix?

We can help in a number of ways, we work in partnership with you to provide specific and bespoke solutions that address the people issues identified and bring about real improvement that will enhance your business performance.

Whether its HR advice for a tricky redundancy situation, an external mentor to further develop your senior team or the search for the  right addition. We can help.

Coaching and Mentoring

What is the difference?

Mentoring is the long term passing on of support, guidance and advice where an experienced individual helps and supports a less knowledgeable or experienced person. This could be called passing on the ‘tricks of the trade’.

Coaching on the other hand, is focussed on developing a person’s skills, knowledge and capability so that their own job performance improves leading to the achievement or enhancement of personal and/or business objectives.

Therefore Mentoring could provide you with long term career and business development, whilst Coaching could provide you with real and immediate support to deal with a particular personal or business development issue.

The key requirement is the establishment and maintenance of trust.

A ‘trusting relationship’ between you and your mentor or coach, within which you are willing to explore, develop and experiment, is vital.

Meeting the needs of both business and individuals, we can provide highly experienced and professional mentors or accredited coaches to help maximise your business opportunities and challenges.

hr and training

People are the route to great performance – productivity, quality, innovation and great customer service are all achieved by engaging employees, enthusing them, growing them, building their confidence, and creating conditions of trust.

Below we have described the different areas of hr & training expertise that our advisors can help you with so that you can unlock your employees’ potential for the benefit of your business.

  • HR Strategy – to help align your hr and training activities and processes to support your business strategy or to set up a new hr function.
  • Employee Relations – to help design, develop and implement a wide range of hr and/or training contracts, policies and processes or deal with a difficult disciplinary case.
  • Employee Development – to help you design and run an assessment centre or leadership development programme.
  • Employee Engagement – to help provide you with specific plans, tools and mechanism to measure and increase employee communication, commitment and engagement.
  • Change Management – to help advise, manage or lead a change process, taking account of the transition that all affected employees will need to go through.

Whatever hr and training support you are looking for our advisors can assist you, whether you are a single unit operator or a multi-unit operator, via our network of highly experienced advisors who have all been at the ‘sharp end’.

Our advisors would work in partnership with you to provide specific and bespoke solutions that addresses the hr and training priorities identified and bring about real improvement that will enhance your business performance.

Executive Search

Or if you prefer – head hunting!

Executive search is a confidential process using comprehensive and discreet research to find the most relevant people for your needs. This approach is often used when the new recruit will have a direct impact on areas such as strategic direction, business performance, market perception or business profitability.

Why restrict your choice to only those people who are ‘on the market’?

Other forms of recruitment rely on applications and generally assess people who are actively seeking change. Executive search provides access to candidates who may be content in their current role and so not in ‘job search’ mode.  This broadens the potential talent pool and the candidates can make valued judgements with their career aspirations in mind rather than succumbing to shorter term motivations.

We have experience of handling senior management and director level appointments across all management disciplines. Our market intelligence and general knowledge helps us tap into the best pools of talent to find you just the right person.

Discrete and confidential, we are able to understand the real issues in your business and locate the people with the skills, ability and personality to contribute to the future success of your business.