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Culture, Retention and Sport
Strong culture creates trust between colleagues which in turn influences personal development, customer service levels and retention. Employees will go the extra mile in both service and in work if…
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Increasing Productivity
As we stand, we are harming company performance and individual well-being, and more – business has accidentally undermined the traditional social structures that are important to productivity.
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The Great Service Debate – 18th May 2018
The third in the series for 2018 where EP and Giles Gordon Smith, Founder of Penshee hold a round table discussion to debate two core questions:What is great service? And; How do we achieve this across our industry?
The aim is to truly understand how service can be seen as a real profession, how it really impacts the customer and how we effectively measure and improve it.
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Two Voices. Two Arguments
In a recent Think Tank the leading dynamics taking place within the Food Service sector were discussed in detail and a number of thought provoking conclusions were reached.
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What’s your real legacy?
What is the responsibility and duty of every leader? If average lifespan for many CEOs lies between 24 and 36 months today should the focus be purely on profit and value generation?
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Champions of Culture


“[Jeremy Corbyn]’s been steeped in anti-Semitism… we must make sure we continue to show people we are an anti-Semitic party”

Shadow Leader of the House Valerie Vaz tried to defend Corbyn amid Labour’s anti-Semitism crisis on Radio 4’s Westminster Hour last night. Hapless Vaz didn’t seem to know the meaning of the word anti-Semitism.






Martin Carabott has won the 2018 Roux Scholarship. The 29-year-old competed against six chefs, all under 30 years old, and in the final had three hours to cook an Auguste Escoffier-inspired recipe, in front of the judges.

Commenting on the 35th national final, Michel Roux Jr said: “There was a fantastic standard, six highly motivated and talented chefs. They all struggled with the boning of the pigeon, which was a real challenge and not something often found on a menu, but it required a classic skill and that’s what The Roux Scholarship is all about.”

eHotelier News

Steve Wynn sells entire stake in Wynn Resorts
Additional agreements result in the sale of Steve Wynn’s remaining holdings in Wynn Resorts.

Casablanca’s hospitality market largely dependent on business travellers
Occupancy rates recovered in 2017 from 62% in 2016 to 66% in 2017, owing to the performance of the 4-start hotel segment catering to conferences and exhibitions across the city.

One in five of all new jobs created globally in 2017 attributed to Travel & Tourism
Travel & Tourism sector was responsible for the creation of 7 million new jobs worldwide.


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