The need to attract new pools of talent – could we be thinking about this differently?

EP were delighted in collaboration with Steve White-Cooper, Ex England Rugby and Founder of Ad –Victor to co-host a virtual discussion on the need and potential to attract new pools of talent.

Steve White-Cooper is a former England Rugby player who founded a recruitment platform to help sports players and military veterans find careers in new markets and professions. Hospitality has been viewed as being a potentially strong market which many former sports players of all ages are keen to explore for careers.

At the same time, as the industry reopens, there are concerns over the lack of available talent. It is very logical that the industry explores all possible avenues and could former sports players and military veterans be a potentially good talent pool to explore?

The danger is that with all the threat of the pandemic, that the issues connected to Brexit were placed to one side and now we are facing these issues too. Do we need to do more to open our minds to new talent pools?

A great discussion well worth a listen.