The Movement of New Product Innovation

New Product Innovation

If you were to somehow plot all of the new products ever introduced, what would it look like?

In order to map products you would need to figure out how to judge their success, but how do you evaluate the general popularity or commercial appeal of a particular concept or physical item and compare it to others?

The potential appeal of a product is just as important as supporters understanding how it can be helpful, without it there simply isn’t a comfortable spot in a busy marketplace. EP takes great pride in helping innovative individuals and companies and believe that if a product is right, it’s doesn’t take much convincing.

The movement of new products post-recession is quite outstanding, it is no secret that there are many that want to become renowned and commercially successful. The small can take on the big and real dreams can become true.

Below are just some of the companies EP is helping because they want to improve people’s lives:

Only 1 per cent of all water in the world is drinkable

Spectank want to stop water being wasted. It’s probably one of the best visions any company can have and knocks most CSR policies out of the water. Their technology is simply but highly effective – they place a Spectank in a commercial kitchen which once filled with a small amount of water can clean kitchen equipment for up to 30 days. Therefore the kitchen uses less much less water and also makes a financial saving.


UK uses around 90,000 tons of charcoal per year

Traditional charcoal used in grills contributes to air pollution and deforestation. COCOCHA is an alternative made from Coconut shells – therefore it is environmentally friendly. As an added advantage it burns for longer, at a higher temperature and produces no smoke. Chemicals and minerals can sometimes ruin the taste, COCOCHA doesn’t affect the flavour and is the sustainable alternative.


Bringing traditional Italian style

There are new products coming into the country which aim to improve people’s lives in terms of enjoyment. EP recently helped the Gelato Festival, held in London during the summer. Many craved the delicious Italian treat and so the founders decided to open up in the capital. Based in Florence – the founding city of gelato, Gelateria Badiani has been producing great tasting flavours for some time and recently they won best new Gelato flavour at the European Championships. The traditional gelato makers are excited about bringing their taste to the UK.

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