The Leader’s Journey

In 2021, it is our aim to really place the importance of leadership back on the agenda within schools and in business.

Leadership plays such a central role in our society, in our culture and in our psychology and yet has the concept has been called into question and eroded in recent times.

In 2021, we will be working with schools to create new frameworks to inspire the young and to help develop broader thinking.

Founding Partners

Abigail Tan, CEO, St.Giles Hotel Group

Simon Halliday, Chair EPCR and Founder, Sporting Wine Club

Kathryn Pretzel-Sheils, Strategic Consultant and Mentor

Chris Sheppardson, Founder, EP

This group is supported by a wide range of great leaders and role models from all across the industry, business and sporting spectrum. Together our goal is to inspire the young to aspire to become leaders, to have belief, to have a voice and to be bold.

One of our team recently noted: “So many people are so defensive these days. People need to positive, be open to being challenged, understand and embrace the need to actively and continuously learn and enjoy engaging with new people. It is one of the great things about life and yet we have seen the people piece consistently challenged by rising expectations, reduced budgets, fear, new technology and of course the pandemic. People do and must come first”.

Many support this view and we have received numerous approaches showing a desire for “safe environments” where people can learn, not from a white board or online course, but from great leaders and mentors .

Leadership has changed. It is today less about dominant characters and far more about being able to bring people together, being able to communicate, to listen and to continuously learn and adapt. Each passing generation is becoming brighter and more educated and yet life skills have been in decline and leadership skills have become more questioned. Our aim is to reverse this.

We will be working with schools and businesses to build and support these objectives. We are also in discussions to set up national and international Summer camps to really help develop life skills.

Let’s invest in the talent of tomorrow now so the future can be great – Join us!