The Leader’s Journey – Making the stories and learnings from leaders easily accessible to all

The Leader’s Journey is a new initiative, founded by a team of four like-minded individuals who all possess a passion for and appreciation of the importance of leadership, in culture, in continuous learning and in knowledge share. All four come from very different backgrounds, view issues through different lenses but share a common passion to make knowledge share easily accessible to all.

We are delighted to have over 100 leaders from across all industries, from hospitality to education to the professions to business, and from all over the world who are open to sharing their stories, their failures, learnings and advice to young and emerging talent.

Considering the fact that many have questioned leaders in recent years, it is a testament that so many want to give back, to be there for young talent and to be supportive of emerging leaders. Many leaders have found the past year extremely painful. They have been hurt and want to make sure just as much as anyone, that their businesses are rebuilt in the right way.

Equally, there are around 4 million individuals who have been on furlough for excessive periods of time who will face their own challenges in getting back up to speed. There are graduates from 2020 who have yet to experience a full workplace and new starters who are yet to properly engage with their teams. The class of 2021 face an uncertain immediate future.

If ever there was time to strive to support learning and excellence, to enable individuals to be free to express and find themselves, it is now. This is our aim – to help enable young talent, in schools, in universities and colleges, in work and in business, to be able to hear the stories of great leaders, to hear of their failures, their vulnerabilities and their moments of inspiration. Also for some to engage with these leaders, come together to discuss and debate issues as well as attend lectures and events to inspire and learn. Through this initiative, we can create a framework which passes down knowledge from one generation to another, with ease and openness, regardless of geographic location or language.

Leadership plays such an important role in society and in culture. It is important that trust is rebuilt and we work together to enable talent to really feel able to prosper.

Our thanks to the many leaders who have offered their stories and time in support. We are on a journey to create some positive change that helps young talent and that we can all be proud of.

If you would like to learn more or be involved, please contact