The Leader’s Journey – Developing perspective through experience.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.” (Robin Williams)

Leaders, across all industries, have noted that it is harder today to see new talent emerge as leaders. It is felt that talent has been well rewarded and protected so their understanding of what leadership is really about is limited and not of the depth required.

Many will note that the values held are strong and principled but that society has become so protected that the resilience, robustness and depth of insight is limited. There is, as it is often noted, more focus on data security and personal wealth management than on what it takes to be a leader, the sacrifices and the pain which the role often carries.

It is a period of great contradictions for at the same time, emerging talent do possess great compassion, care and strong values.

The Leaders Journey is therefore developing partnerships with social initiatives in the UK and across the world which gives the opportunity for emerging executives to have first hand exposure in working with those who are dealing with the less fortunate and the harder issues in life. Our logic is that the best way to develop a leader’s mindset is by possessing a stronger understanding of all sides of what life offers.

It has often been argued that the very best era for management was post war when many managers returned to the workplace with both a stronger understanding of life’s vulnerabilities as well as developed skills in organisation. It all led to a period of stronger hope and building new structures for the modern world.

In the same way, many top sports players have seen their own mental capabilities improve with greater exposure to a world beyond their discipline.

Our rationale is the same; the more that good talent can be exposed to all the challenges which life presents to people, then they will be far better prepared to be leaders themselves. The more one sees, the more on learns, then of course the better one becomes.

It is all natural but in a working world where the hours and stresses have become longer and greater, it is natural that perspectives and understanding becomes more limited. Our aim is to reverse this and help prepare talent for the future.

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