The Leader’s Journey

Something special is happening as leaders all across business are giving their personal insights into their greatest learnings

In the early summer, an App is due to be launched which will really highlight the personal learnings of leaders from across all industries and from across the world. Over 120 leaders are providing their personal insights into what success and failure does mean, what they would tell their 18 year old selves and personal moments that have influenced them.

These include stories of exceptional moments of kindness show by strangers, to working with the passionate and extraordinary, to being inspired by a moment in time. Each has their own story and overall it does illustrate the extraordinary journies that many do enjoy and endure during a career.

These insights will be moments which will be listened to by emerging leaders, by students, by professionals of all ages; all seeking inspiration for themselves in their own journies.

The aim is to bring together not just these insights but also a whole range of videos and other insights to create a platform for learning in a way that has been provided before.

As an example of the insights, we enclose a short video with the founders of Double Dutch on their own insights: