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Young food and beverage consultants – a developing dream?

Professor David Russell, Chairman of The Russell Partnership in partnership with Charlotte Harbour: After reading the article “Young food and beverage consultants – a now impossible dream?” Featured in EP Insights, The Russell Partnership would like to deliver an encouraging response that we hope highlights the ways in which we can, and are, supporting the development and creation of young food and beverage consultants.

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A Culinary Passion in Pizza

The market is changing and there are some fascinating dynamics at play. The High Street offers are under pressure and yet at the same time there are new concepts and operations opening all the time.

Some argue that brands are less impactful but others argue that the consumer today is simply more knowledgeable and wants a product with integrity and substance.

Read all about The Wood Fire Pizza Company and their quality produce, genuine expertise and a strong family leadership team.

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Hospitality can bring people together

In an age of high stress and loneliness, you don’t have to alone… We live in an ever more connected world, but there is an increasing silo mentality. We believe that the Hospitality industry has the power to bring people together. There is a need for new leaders, one’s that embrace and care for society. We can all rise to the challenge and choose to be those leaders. This is more important today than ever before because it builds loyalty, true and new business. Come and be involved.

Watch our new powerful video.

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Why is productivity such a puzzle for policymakers?

British firms appear to have a severe blind spot about creating value for customers? Chris Humphrey and Malcolm Ross argue why creating real value for customers can improve productivity and add as much as £130 billion to the economy.

Read here: The cause of Britain’s “productivity puzzle”

Upcoming Events:

EP Think Tank Launch at Hotelympia – The Importance of Culture

The Think Tanks have been founded to discuss key issues. We will also be producing reports that will be widely circulated. This is a challenging economy for many and our aim is to ensure that we are debating the key issues and developing strong debate and solutions for Industry. We hope that you will be able to be involved.

This first important session is due to be held during Hotelympia on Tue 6th March, 12 noon to 2pm. The initial topic that we would like to discuss is on the need to re-engage employees and customers, to play active roles in society and also to rebuild strong cultures that support the development of new leaders.

This issue is not simply about talent but also how the Industry impacts on customers and the wider community and how this all impacts on productivity.

To find out more and register interest please contact

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