The Japanese Experience

The Japanese Experience


Japanese cuisine is booming in the UK right now, as evidenced by the copious number of venues that have sprung up in recent years. From sushi to ramen to the full keiseki experience, Japanese restaurants are hard to avoid, and appear to be doing a roaring trade.
2The Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO) in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) hosted an industry event at Park Lane’s InterContinental Hotel, to showcase the best of what Japan has to offer and highlight these products to the movers and shakers of the hospitality industry, from restaurant CEOs to chefs to food bloggers.

Exhibitors included representatives of the rice, beef, tea, flowers and bonsai industries, and MAFF Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi gave a number of engaging talks about the quality and versatility of Japanese produce, and the rewarding relationship between Japan and the UK.

Guests were treated to food from Japanese heavyweights with chefs from Nobu, Yashin Ocean House and Koya to name but a few. Dishes included Japanese specialities such as seared Wagyu beef with miso, scallop sashimi with wasabi salsa and yellowtail shabu-shabu. Also on offer were European dishes made using Japanese ingredients, such as truffle and wild mushroom risotto made with sushi rice, and gin-cured salmon with pickled radish, using Japanese daikon – these dishes were designed to demonstrate how easily Eastern ingredients can be used in Western dishes.

Tipples included sake from world class sake sommelier Rie Yoshitake. All chefs and exhibitors did an excellent job of highlighting what Japan has to offer, and contributed to an informative and successful event.


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