The Interview – Clarissa Farr, former Head of St. Paul’s Girls School, author, coach & speaker

Clarissa is a major figure across a number of key sectors and we were delighted to welcome her this morning to discuss a range of major issues including the nurturing of young talent to how leadership has changed to the importance of food service to the role of women in society.

It was a far reaching, through provoking interview led by a distinguished panel of experts including Ramesh Vala OBE, Kathryn Pretzel Shiels, Vince Pearson and Alex Buchanan.

Regardless of which industry one is on, we all face very similar challenges as we rebuild. We need to enable the young far better than has been the case over the past twenty years. We need maybe to understand the young better and how they view the world. We need to the support the importance nutrition and food service far better and of course, the role of women in society is changing all the time.

It was a thought-provoking session which will leave us with much to consider.