The industry has a great legacy of leaders

Now is time to prepare the ground for future generations.
This week see the launch of a new book “Time for Change in Hospitality Leadership”, published by Business Experts Press out of the US, and which seeks to challenge readers as to what are their expectations and views of leadership?
Most especially at this time, leadership is a constant challenge with a background of uncertainity. It is not easy but few leaders regret taking on the challenge and the majority few it as a privilege.
Leadership has been sadly called into question with many questioning the thinking of leadership groups.

It is important to now rebuild trust, enable emerging talents to want to aspire to leadership roles and build a strong alliance between baby boomers and millennials that benefits all, most especially business.

What are your views of the challenges to be faced today? What do you believe needs to change?

The new book does not claim to have the answers but ask the questions, gives the thoughts and feedback from over 100 senior players from across the global industry and highlights many of the great leaders from the industry’s past.

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