The industry does ask much both physically and mentally. So how can this be improved? It is time to lay ghosts to rest.

There are many within Industry who are hoping that the Government will relax the roles on labour and allow for European talent to return to the UK. This will no doubt be a debate for some time to come but in the short-term, there is a real need for some fresh thinking, some new ideas when it comes to enticing talent into the industry.

It is said time and again that the industry is not attractive to many due to the traditional reasons – long hours, poor pay, poor cultures. This is where change needs to start. In every workplace, profession and discipline, change is taking place. One can not expect the world to just return to how it has been. The odds are that it will not – so what is needed is innovative and fresh thinking when it comes to creating new work patterns, new cultures and to showcase an industry that treats its people well.

People citing reasons for why the industry struggles to compete is fine and natural but works achieve very little. What makes a difference is a change.

The industry does ask a lot physically and mentally of its talent so what can be changed? How can it be changed? How can the overall picture be improved?

One of the most exciting and yet challenging aspects of this period is that the people piece are once again right back at the top of the agenda for boards to consider. Most accept that not enough has been done over the past twenty years in ensuring that enough was done and progressed in this area. Most will, at least privately, that the easy access to new talent made many lazy when it came to the need to develop talent. There is little point either talking about what went before or what the Government may or may not do, there is work to be done in ensuring that the immediate problems are progressed.

People have always been the greatest asset that the industry possesses. It is people who make hospitality that much more special. Service and care make a major difference. It is therefore vital that new solutions are found so that once and for all the industry can lay to rest the historical compliant that the industry is a poor employer. It is time to lay that ghost to rest by really setting new standards and improving what exists.

It is a challenge and it is an opportunity.

And, before anyone says, what can be done differently? There are many new solutions breaking through. They just to be heard and given oxygen.