The impact of ‘screen fatigue’ is becoming clear


The power of a good printed book

…should never be overlooked.

It was announced this week that ‘screen fatigue’ sees UK ebook sales plunge 17 per cent as readers return to print. The results are from the Publishers Association, which has just published its annual yearbook. Consumer sales were down to £204m last year and are at lowest level since 2011 – when Amazon Kindle sales first took off in UK.

Is it a surprise?

There is generally a sense that people are now getting screen tiredness, or fatigue, from so many devices being used, watched or looked at in their week.

The printed book naturally provides an opportunity to step away. The UK book industry is currently doing very well. The sales of print and digital books and journals climbed 7 per cent to £4.8bn last year, the largest growth since 2007 when digital sales were first included. 

No one can afford not to be open to learning anymore

There has been much written about the remarkable pace of change but the one truth is that everyone needs to be open to learning new ideas and skills.

This is arguably the first time in history whereby the older generation are learning new skills from the younger generation but it is also true that the latter do need the skills of the former just as much. The Baby Boomers led lives based on actions. Gen Y is more strategic and global. They both need the other and all need to be open to learning and listening to new ideas and concepts. The world is changing at such pace, it is easy to miss key pieces of information.

EP published ‘From Classroom to Boardroom’ this year to allow more to further their knowledge and learn more. This new book has been developed by today’s emerging leaders – those that are the future leaders and working at the sharp end of the industry. It is a tangible printed text that readers can enjoy and absorb at their own leisure – hopefully tackling the issue of ‘screen fatigue’.

The book provides academic learning, and also ideas and solutions to some of the main challenges faced by our industry today.



‘From Classroom to Boardroom’ is a collection of inspirational studies from hospitality’s emerging leaders. The book includes over 20 thought provoking studies – perfect for those seeking to learn from the very best.

Purchase the book for £19.99 on Amazon here

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