The impact of high street consumer trends on the event catering industry

As we move into the start of a new year at Food Show we are already organising a host of menu tastings for our clients forthcoming events.  Our development kitchen is creating a number of new dishes as high street trends continue to influence event organisers menu choices.

By Jay Burgesson, Commercial Director at Food Show

The high street is very conscious of consumer demands and social movement; and one of the biggest growth areas has been that we are now taking charge of our health and well-being.

This mindfulness of health, well-being and environment is particularly seen through our choices when it comes to how we eat. Corporate clients are actively promoting our state of mind through events as we see a further demand of plant-based menus and non-alcoholic beverage options.

Whether we follow a plant based diet or flexitarian diet of achieving a healthy and sustainable balance between meat and veggie dishes; we continue to see the number of clients who are attentive to the needs of providing their guests with a greater dietary choice.

‘Fast food without the junk’

This is another high street trend that we are incorporating into our menu’s. This month has seen the opening of Gizzi Erskine and Rosemary Ferguson’s fast food vegetarian pop-up open in Shoreditch, FLITH. Promising a burger that ‘tastes as filthy as an old-fashioned cheese-burger, but it’s plant-based all the way!’ We can’t wait to see the results from Food Show’s own take on a ‘burger’ this month too.

We use key indicators for us to track client vision, meaning we can often be more reactive to clients needs than the high street.  We offer all clients a bespoke menu and we also adapt our recipes to provide a flexible approach to dietary needs.  Working with our amazing supplies we can ensure that we offer our clients the very best in terms of variety, quality and taste, as we personalise their menus.

Our clients are without a doubt more adventurous consumers and already as move into our 2019 events we are noticing the following trends:

  • Pacific Flavours – inspired flavours and ingredients from Asia, Oceania & western coasts of South American.
  • Faux Meat – from Jackfruit/Pulled Pork, Coconut/Smokey Bacon and King Trumpet Mushrooms/Steak. Our development kitchen are definitely enjoying experimenting with the flavour combinations.
  • Classic Dishes – we’re developing ours with a modern twist but still invoking childhood nostalgia.

Its an exciting time and we look forward to continuing to break boundaries and go beyond the norm and hold quality events for our clients.

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