The Great Post Lockdown Walk

Thank you to all who got involved or have supported.

It was a great day with many memories created.

On Saturday, over 35 industry professionals, families – and a few family dogs – embraced the challenge of walking 30km in different locations all across the country from the South Coast to West Scotland to The Cotswolds, Norfolk, around London’s Royal Parks to the Northumberland Coast. Our thanks to all involved.

There was a WhatsApp group for all the walkers and it was fabulous to see the great variety of pictures, comments and interactions which took place all across the day. It showed a real community spirit which is what Ritrovo is really all about, all coming together to collaborate and help one another learn and share knowledge.

From the funds raised from the walks, we will be able to take the new Ritrovo app – due for launch in June – into schools, giving students the opportunity to both listen to great stories from proven leaders, but also access great content plus events, lectures and online discussion groups. Thanks to all who supported the walks, the journey has begun.

The new Ritrovo website launched last week – – has already had interest expressed from all across the world for the app; from Australia, America, Europe and Asia. There will be emerging talent from all across the world able to listen to the insights of those who have kindly given their time to be interviewed and been so open and candid in a way rarely seen before.

Wherever one is today, there is a desire to see business rebuild in the right way, through supporting talent grow, through sharing knowledge and through good behaviours with care and compassion. This all lies at the heart of Ritrovo and we are excited at the challenge and journey which lies ahead. Ritrovo is all about creating a framework which brings proven leaders together in a place to share their learnings and vice versa, for talent to have a safe place to come and find advice and support.