The Great Post-Lockdown Walk – Follow Us

On 22nd May, industry players will be walking at different locations all across the UK.

On the 22nd May, we are delighted that so many are offering to do challenging walks all across the country. It will be one of the first events which will be truly national and this does make the event really quite special. We have walkers planning out routes in Northumberland, Wales, the Cotswold, on the Downs, in London, Norfolk and in The Lakes to raise money and in support of The Leaders Journey.

Our thanks to all in the support of our aim to create a launch a global app and framework that allows emerging and young talent to be able to access the learnings and mentoring of leaders from all across society, industries, cultures and from all around the globe. We are delighted to have over 120 leaders who are open to sharing their knowledge and supporting the growth and development of talent at all ages. Little can be of more importance as we rebuild.

One such Leader is Jayne Jones who is the National Chair of ASSIST FM Food and Drink and Commercial Manager for Argyll and Bute Council.

” I’m planning on walking two sections of the Kintyre Way, from Clachan to Skipness and then to Tarbert, with a slight detour in Skipness to visit the castle. The direct route is around 23 miles or so, give or take, I’m hoping that the detour will add on the extra distance to reach the 26 miles, and if not I’ll add it on in Tarbert itself. I picked the route as it’s challenging and hilly, but on a sunny day has some stunning views which would work really well on social media. Due to the nature of the walk it’ll take much longer for me to complete it, but that’s part of the challenge – it’s not a simple, flat 26 miles on the road here I also thought it would fit with the original route plan, as it features two castles – Skipness Castle and Tarbert Castle, though not at the start and finish, I still thought there is some nice symmetry with Chris’ route!”

Our overall aim is to create a sustainable structure that will allow talent of all ages across the world to continuous access to and feel that they can learn from leaders like never before

It is exciting and humbling to see so many incredible leaders open to giving their time, their knowledge and to share their leadership stories with others. This period can mark a fresh start where we can found fresh pillars to make share knowledge and sure that we do enable the young and emerging to have a great chance to find trust in leadership, feel empowered, inspired and supported in their quest to build careers and themselves.

2021 is the year maybe where we understand that continuous learning and growth mind-sets are right at the heart of future success.


Jayne Jones