The Great Post-Lockdown Walk 22nd May In support of The Leader’s Journey

The Great Post-Lockdown Walk 22nd May In support of The Leader’s JourneyOn 22nd May, all across the country, over 20 Industry players will be embarking on a 26 mile walk to raise profile and awareness in support of The Leaders Journey.

Our aim is to create a “framework” – both digital and live – which allows all emerging talent, of all ages, to be able to access the insights, knowledge and learnings of top leaders from all across the world as well as access coaches and mentors who are able to support their development. We want to allow learning to be accessible and for talent to feel continually supported as they evolve, fail and grow. We need to help young talent feel confident to be bold, to have a voice, to challenge the accepted norms; not to be afraid of failure, feel disengaged, and unsupported.

We want to build something unique which really brings the opportunity to learn from great leaders to life. This is not about text books, or theory but about real life. We are fortunate to have leaders from the worlds of hospitality, sport, law, investment banking, accountancy, business, all open to sharing their failures, their learnings, their insights. We are aiming to create a framework that creates a ever growing bank of real knowledge share to a level rarely seen before.

Leadership has been called into question in recent years but leaders too have found the journey hard; they too want to make a difference and build great businesses. We all face our challenges. We all fail at times but the difference is that now we want to create a framework which does make a difference. In today’s world, leadership is a process of continuous learning and our aim is to bring experts and knowledge together with those who want to learn. It does not matter if you are a CEO or a junior executive, we are here to share knowledge and ideas and to support your continuous development and growth.

So please feel free to get in touch join the walk so we can help young talent access great experience and knowledge.

26 miles is a challenge. It is a journey within itself. As we are all still restricted, each person who registers can select their own route and place for walking. We simply ask that you record your distance and raise sponsorship for the initiative.

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