The Great Post Lockdown Castles Walk – Alnwick Castle to Bamburgh Castle

26 Mile Charity Walk in support of The Leader’s Journey Post Lockdown.

The Leader’s Journey is a new initiative founded to work with emerging talent to once again place the importance of leadership as an aspiration back in the minds of the young. Our aim is to engage the young with great role models, to inspire belief but even more importantly, to create frameworks that help support the development of independent thinking and life skills amongst the young.

It is no secret that leadership has been called into question in recent times and yet it is still one of the great challenges and privileges; to build success, to help build better lives, to have a belief in something bigger than one’s own self.

Leadership has changed. It is no longer about alpha behaviours but about inclusion, bringing people together, continuous learning and knowledge. It needs new skills and new crafts. Leadership has an important role to play in our culture, society and daily lives. It is important that it is something to once again aspire to.

We can’t do this alone. It needs to be a partnership between us all to create change and inspire future generations.

Post lockdown, Chris Sheppardson and friends will be walking the 26 mile journey from Alnwick Castle to Alnmouth Beach and up the coast to the famous Bamburgh Castle.

If you are interested in joining the walk, being involved or supporting please click here

Alnwick Castle