The Forums – Collaboration and Sharing Knowledge in 2022

Few understand the changes taking place so it would be reassuring to share knowledge and learn from colleagues across the industry. It is more important than ever to understand what is going on. EP is, therefore, delighted to be launching a series of Discussion Forums which look at the central topics influencing almost every company, university and school.

It is a complicated market and one which is changing in many new ways with dynamics which many, before the pandemic, would have said were impossible.

· It is estimated that 70% of employees will work from home at least part-time.

· 74% of emerging talents want to work for leaders who inspire them, However, only 18% believe they are working in environments where this is the case. 67% do not trust their leaders.

· The economy has recovered faster than it did after the financial crash of 2008/9 yet city centres will take till 2025 to replace lost density

· The heritage sector has seen over a 20% rise in jobs

· 65% of consumers want to live “in the moment” which will see a rise in people seeking experiences

· 70% want to see greater investment and real action in sustainability and will buy & work with those who do.

The Forums

· Hotel Zero – what will it take to achieve net-zero

· Schools Zero

· Food Service Zero

· Digital Innovation

· Achieving real change in sustainability – economic, environmental, cultural and social

· Creating the experience – how can operations excel in engaging and serving consumers

· Outside of the box – looking at innovation and new solutions

· People and leadership

· The Supply chain

· Food in evolution.

The series will be launched in January with expert speakers providing great insights on the changes taking place.

If you are interested to hear the latest thinking and ideas, then do please do get in touch and join us.

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